Five Crowns Junior Review (SET Enterprises)

What It Is

For those familiar with the classic card game Gin-Rummy, Five Crowns Junior from Set Enterprises is a card game along the same vein but with components that are more colorful and engaging for younger kids. Each player starts the game with five cards in their hand. Cards feature five colors (orange, green, purple, pink, and blue) and numbers 1–5. Place the remaining cards in the center of the table; this will be your draw pile. There is also a wild card pile. You'll start the game with one card from this pile face up so you know what card is wild.

On your turn, draw from the pile or take the face up card from the discard pile. Play continues until one player is able to match all five cards in their hand by either color or number.

When you have all five cards you need, lay them face up on the table as proof to your opponents. Then, you can take a treasure chip. The remaining players continue to play for one more turn then lay down their matched and unmatched cards. Remaining players will take one robby chip for each unmatched card.

There are five rounds of play total. At the end of the fifth round, players count up their tokens and chips. The player with the most tokens wins. If there is a tie, the player with the least amount of robby chips wins.

Is It Fun?

Matching in this game is based on colors and simple beginner numbers which simplify the game of rummy for little players. We also think the chunky cards and fun illustrations make it more engaging for little ones.

Who It’s For

Five Crowns Junior is for ages 5 and up, however we think some additional guidance may help younger players during the first few rounds of play.

What To Be Aware Of

You can also use the wild card to complete your matching hand.

The game rules suggest playing up to five rounds before declaring a winner.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy