Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man R/C Wall-Racing Spider Cycle Review (Hasbro)

What It Is

The Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man: R/C Wall-Racing Spider Cycle is radio-controlled vehicle of Spider-Man on a motorcycle that kids can drive on a wall.

Is It Fun?

The Wall-Racing Spider Cycle relies on technology to cling to vertical surfaces but all kids see is the "magic" of a toy moving along the wall. The cycle comes with a simple radio controller that lets kids drive the cycle up, down and all around any vertical surface.

Who It’s For

This is intended for Spider-Man fans, ages 6 and up but even older kids and adults will want to give it a try.

What To Be Aware Of

The Spider Cycle also has a flat surface setting, which is a nice option, but nobody is going to want to drive on a flat surface after seeing this guy zip along the wall.

The cycle takes about 40 minutes to charge, and it will run for about 5 minutes. It takes more power to go up the wall than to go down, so your results will vary.

The controller doubles as the charger and has a compartment for storing the charging cable, which easily plugs into the side of the cycle. The cycle runs on a rechargeable battery that is included but you will need to supply the 4 "AA" batteries for the controller/charger.

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