Power Trains Log Loader Express Review (Jakks Pacific)

What It Is

For kids who like model trains but who don't want to invest the time or the money in hobby-grade trains, the Power Trains Log Loader Express offers lots of play and versatility. It comes with 48 pieces, including 29 pieces of track that can be configured in several ways. There's more than 15 feet of track in all, and it works with other tracks in the Power Trains line. The train has five cars, and it's all battery-operated, so there's no complicated electrical set-up.

Is It Fun?

Kids can create all kinds of imaginative scenarios as they load and unload the logs. Transfer them from the train to the truck and back to the tractor. This is a great contemporary take on a classic play pattern.

Who It’s For

The Power Trains Log Loader Express is for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The motorized engine takes three AAA batteries, and the controller takes two AAA batteries. Batteries are not included.

We had a hard time keeping the trains on the track, and if you build too sharp a curve, it's likely that your train will fall off because the wheels don't grip the track correctly. Once you get going, it tends to do all right. However, you need to set it up with a straight run after any curve to give the train a chance to re-stabilize itself on the track.

We also found that there's a fairly steep learning curve for the controller for kids to learn to drive the train and keep it on the track. Until that's mastered, play can be frustrating. The controller has marks on it that don't relate to the amount of power going to the train.

You also need a large enough space to lay out this track set. It works best on a hard and level surface.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions


    5 AAA batteries required