Hello Kitty Color Me Fairy Soft Doll Review (Blip Toys)

What It Is

The Hello Kitty Color Me Fairy Soft doll from Blip Toys lets kids build on the fun of personalization. Using this machine washable doll, kids can use the included washable purple marker to either fill in the outlined design features all over Hello Kitty or create your own designs and doodles on the doll.

The doll features a plush, firmly stuffed body that is also flat enough to use as a drawing surface. It also features a flat base so it stays standing.

Is It Fun?

The ability to personalize your doll and make it truly your own is a quality that has wide-ranging appeal. But for Hello Kitty fans in particular, we think this is a fun, new way to engage with this character.

We also like that if you do mess up or want to redesign the look of your doll, it's only a short wash and tumble away from a clean slate.

In general coloring your own doll is a fun concept, however put to the test, we were disappointed with how much the markers bled and distorted our designs.

Who It’s For

The Hello Kitty Color Me Fairy Soft doll from Blip Toys is for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The marker really bleeds on the doll's fabric, which kind of ruins the coloring experience. As soon as your start tracing the outlines on the doll your designs will become more blob-like than butterfly-like, for example. We found that going lightly and using just the tip of the marker works best, but especially for little kids this takes a lot more focus and it still results in bleeding.

Do not touch the design right away, because it does take a few seconds to dry.

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