Dora's Carnival Fiesta Game Review (Briarpatch)

What It Is

Kids can join Dora's party at the carnival and play different carnival games with Dora's Carnival Fiesta Game. The object of the game is to play the carnival games to collect winning tickets. When all 12 tickets have been won, turn them over and put the tickets together to build the picture of Dora on the merry-go-round.

To play, set up the game board and place all the pieces in their respective spots, according to the directions. The game comes with a board, a spinner, 12 ticket tokens, six plastic milk bottles, a ball, a stable, three apples, five Lost & Found tokens, five rings, and two character figurines. The youngest player goes first and rolls the die. Whatever the die lands on determines the carnival game the player will play. There are five carnival games:

To play Ball Toss, stack the milk bottles into a pyramid or place them in a triangle like bowling pins. From a foot away, you have three tries to toss or roll the ball at the bottles to knock them over. If you knock over at least three, you get a ticket.

For Feed the Animals, stand a foot away from the barn, and you get five chances to throw the three apples into the barn. If you get one apple into the barn, you win a ticket.

To play Isa's Garden Spin, place the two figures next to the sections on the spinner where you think the spinner's arrow will stop. Then spin the arrow. If it stops on a section you picked, you win a ticket. If it stops on the "wild" section, you also win a ticket.

Ring Toss is a game where players try to toss or drop a ring over one of the ducks pictured on the game board. For a toss, stand a foot away. For a drop, stand over the board with the ring at least one foot above the surface. You get three tries. If the ring lands around the picture of the duck, you win a ticket.

If the die tells you to go to Lost & Found, you'll get two tries to find a Lost & Found token that has a picture of a ticket on it. Another player will mix up the tokens and place them face-down before you pick. If you turn over a token showing a ticket, you win a ticket.

Play continues in a clockwise direction until all of the 12 tickets have been won. On the back of each ticket is part of a picture. Kids put the picture pieces together in the middle of the game board until they have a complete picture of Dora riding a merry-go-round horse. The game is for two to four players.

Is It Fun?

Dora's Carnival Game is a more cooperative game than competitive game because it doesn't matter how many tickets you win. In the end, everybody works together to put the picture pieces together. (Although, for older kids, you could change the rules to play competitively.) It's a cute game that will appeal to Dora the Explorer fans, who will like performing a different activity on each turn.

Who It’s For

Dora's Carnival Fiesta Game is for Dora the Explorer fans ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

There are a few pieces that parents will have to punch out and set up before kids play. The instructions don't mention those steps, but it's not that hard to figure out what needs to be done.

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