Nickelodeon Gak in the Dark Review (Nickelodeon)

What It Is

You may know that Gak is an ooey gooey Nickelodeon compound. Kids love to play with it, bounce it, mold it, and, of course, make those always-hilarious gassy noises with it. But now there's Nickelodeon Gak in the Dark that glows in the dark. Charge it up under light, and then turn off the lights to see it glow the color of the Gak. For example, the orange Fireball Gak will glow orange. Then you can have a midnight ooze party or any kind of fun you can dream up. The Gak will only glow where you charge it with light, but you can create all kinds of different and fun effects with it as you play.

Is It Fun?

This is can't-put-it-down fun for kids or kids at heart. It's kind of gross, but that's exactly why kids will find it appealing. For parents who remember the original Gak from when they were kids, now the fun is back and can be shared with today's kids.

Who It’s For

Nickelodeon Gak in the Dark is for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Make sure you store the Gak in its container when you're done playing. Make sure the container is sealed tightly so the Gak doesn't dry out. We did have a little trouble getting it close completely, so parents of younger kids especially may want to check that it's air tight.

While the manufacturer says the Gak bounces, the bouncing is not the compound's best feature.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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