The First Years iAlert True Fit Convertible Car Set Review (TOMY)

What It Is

Your wriggly child won't get away with backseat shenanigans with The First Years iAlert True Fit Convertible Car Seat. This car seat communicates wirelessly with your smart phone to keep your child safe in the car. This is powered by an included rechargeable battery that you can charge via USB cable. With an easy set-up, the car seat notifies your smart phone when your child is out of his seat while the car is moving or doesn't have a seatbelt on as well as monitors the temperature and lets you know if your child has been left in the car too long. This technology also allows you to set up additional emergency contacts and choose who gets alerts via email or text. While installing the car seat either forward- or backward-facing, you can open the iAlert Car Seat app to get detailed instructions and to check the recommended angle of the seat.

Besides the high-tech safety that this car seat offers, there are a few other features. Installing this in your car is easy thanks to the color-coded threading. The car seat includes soft and easy-to-wash strap covers and a plush interior to keep your baby or toddler snug while riding in the car. The inserts can be removed as your baby grows. The car seat also features an easy no-rethread harness adjustment system to move the straps and adapt to your growing child with a simple twist of the knob on the back of the car seat. The car seat cover snaps off for easy cleaning, and there is also a cup holder accessory. This car seat has rebound energy management and has been tested for side impact to meet international standards. The headrest easily comes off when in rear-facing mode to accommodate all cars.

Why Is It Useful?

The First Years iAlert True Fit Convertible Car Seat takes car seat safety to a whole new level. However, while there are a lot of techy perks and features with this car seat, we found them to be distracting. For example, if when driving your toddler unbuckles himself, you will get an alert on your smart phone. However, we do not recommend using your phone while driving for safety reasons. Also, some of the other alerts are a bit excessive. While we all want to keep our children safe in the car, this product might just take it to an extreme where, in the end, safety is compromised.

Who It’s For

The First Years iAlert True Fit Convertible Car Seat can be used from five–35 pounds rear-facing and up to 65 pounds forward-facing.

What To Be Aware Of

When in the rear-facing mode, this car seat cannot be removed and placed on a stroller. There is no car seat handle or additional accessories to accommodate this.

While some parents may appreciate the level of technology and the app integration, but it may be a little too much for others.

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