The Smurfs Whirl & Twirl Game Review (Pressman Toy)

What It Is

With the new Smurfs 2 movie in theaters this summer, The Smurfs Whirl and Twirl Clumsy Game from Pressman Toy offers Smurfs fans a fun new way to interact with their favorite loveable and clumsy Smurf character and the rest of the gang. The game is for 2-4 players. Start the game by snapping and twisting the Clumsy center game piece into the center of the board game. Players then select two colored board games to play on. Shuffle the deck of cards and place them inside the box the Clumsy character is holding. Which ever player sitting closest to or behind Clumsy's tail will start the game by pressing it down. Clumsy will spin around and whomever he faces when he stops will remove the card that's popped out of the box he holds.

If the character and color match a character on your board place it on top of that character. If not, put the card to the side. If Clumsy stops on an empty section, place the card on that section. Unused cards come back into play when Clumsy spits out an action card.

There are five types of action cards instructing players to trade boards; pass your unused cards left, right, or in the direction of the player's choice; or take a card from any available extra cards.

The player who fills their playing boards first wins the game.

Is It Fun?

Part action and part matching, this is a game that will keep Smurfs fans entertained. The gameplay is simple to pick up and young kids will especially love making Clumsy spin around and spit out cards.

Who It’s For

The Smurfs Whirl and Twirl Clumsy Game is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Make sure the cards are placed all the way inside the box or else they won't pop out during the game.

If Clumsy runs out of cards, shuffle up all the unused cards and action cards, place them back into the box, and play continues.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy