DigiTools Paint Pack Review (Crayola)

What It Is

Digitools Paint Pack comes with a clip-on carrying case, a digital paintbrush, digital airbrush, digital stamper, and digital paint roller. Start by downloading the free app to your tablet device. Then open the app and use the digital stamper to unlock full access to the app by stamping on the indicated spots on the screen to continue. Kids can select one of 25 different scenes and colored canvas.

Pick your tool and select it on the screen. Then kids can choose the paint brush to paint with; the roller to roll patterned designs onto the digital canvas; the stamper to add clip art ranging from letters to shapes, color spots, and more; and the air brush to spray paint with. If you make a mistake, click the back button on the left side of your screen to go back a step or select the eraser tool at the bottom tool palette on your screen. Kids can also use the color mixing tray to create their own colors to paint with by selecting two colors then swirling them together in the mixing tray. Kids can also simply use their fingers to "finger paint" on the digital canvases.

Is It Fun?

Crayola is all about sparking kids imaginations through the wonder of coloring in all its forms. And this new Digitools set offers a fun mess-free way to entertain little ones while allowing them to put their imaginations to work. We also like that instead of simply coloring in the scenes, using tools like the paintbrush looks like actual paint texture on the screen.

Who It’s For

The Crayola Digitools Paint Pack is for ages 3 and up. While the app is easy to navigate, young preschoolers may need assistance getting started and learning how to use the tools.

What To Be Aware Of

The Digitools Paint Pack is compatible with iPad, iPad mini, and Android Touch Tablets.

There are different Digitool apps available in the app stores that link to the different sets of Crayola Digitool Packs. Look for the orange Paint Pack.

When you first enter the Paint Pack app a brief tutorial will pop up instructing you how to correctly hold each digital tool to your tablet. For example, you'll have to keep your finger on the top of the airbrush and press down to spray. Both touch points of this tool must also be touching your tablet screen to activate.

You can share your digital artwork with friends and family via email, save it to your tablet's photo stream, print it, or restart the design and create something new all over again.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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