2-in-1 Shop & Cook Playset Review (VTech)

What It Is

The 2-in-1 Shop & Cook Playset is an interactive playset that makes sounds, plays music, and suggests tasks for kids to do as they pretend to shop and cook. The playset can be used as a shopping cart or a kitchen. There are three modes of play in both the kitchen configuration and the shopping cart configuration. The first mode is Pretend and Play. As a kitchen, the cookset makes sounds when you turn on the faucet or place a pan on the stove. As a shopping cart, the cart will ask kids, "What's on sale today?"

In Learning Fun mode, the kitchen will ask kids to do a variety of tasks, such as putting the knife in the utensil holder. The shopping cart will ask kids to look for specific items, such as the purple grapes and red apple.

In Music Time mode, kids can turn the knob on the kitchen's stove to hear different tunes. As a shopping cart, the playset will sing songs as kids go on a pretend shopping trip.

This playset comes with more than 20 play pieces, including play food, cookware, and utensils. The playset recognizes the utensils and cookware to encourage your child's vocabulary. It also reminds kids to wash their hands or use a sponge to wash dishes along with introducing kids to basic kitchen rules and safety.

Is It Fun?

This playset introduces preschoolers to letters, numbers, counting, colors, and identifying food and kitchen utensils. It also engages preschoolers in lots of pretend play with every push of a button and turn of a knob.

Who It’s For

The 2-in-1 Shop & Cook Playset is for ages 2–5.

What To Be Aware Of

Two AA batteries are required but not included.

The combination of the shopping cart and kitchen is ingenious and offers a lot of longer-term play value.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    2 AA batteries required