Meep! Review (Oregon Scientific)

What It Is

Meep! is a kid-friendly tablet that lets kids have their own tablet experience just like mom and dad. Right out of the box, this Android 4.0 tablet comes with 50 pre-loaded apps, games, e-books, music, videos, art and learning apps, a Communicator so kids can chat with friends, and more. The seven-inch zForce touchscreen won't shatter when dropped, and the Meep! also includes an orange silicon sleeve for an extra layer of protection. There is also a camera for taking pictures and video. However, the camera is front-facing only. There is also a headphone jack so that kids can play without disturbing others. And the Meep! comes with 4GB of internal storage with a slot for an additional 32GB of memory via a micro SD memory card, which is sold separately.

The WiFi-enabled tablet also includes a YouTube app and web browser. And parents can feel comfortable letting their children surf the web and watch YouTube videos thanks to extensive parental controls. Parents can choose one of two security levels for when their child surfs the web. The low level allows free access to the web browser and YouTube, while still blocking content from a URL Blacklist, managed by the Oregon Scientific team. The high level allows kids to only access websites and videos in Oregon Scientific's URL suggestion list, and parents can add to that list.

Parents can also set time limits for how long kids can use apps, games, watch movies, listen to music, read e-books, view pictures, surf the web, watch YouTube, and chat with friends. Parents also have the option of allowing kids to access the Meep! Store and in-app purchases.

Is It Fun?

The graphics on the Meep! are really good, and this tablet comes with lots of pre-loaded content, including some of kids' favorite apps and games, such as Angry Birds. Parents will appreciate all the parental controls that give kids a safe online experience while still letting them feel like grown-ups as they surf the web. However, the Meep! often has a slow loading time when going between apps or opening apps, and the touchscreen is either not responsive or too touch-sensitive. It was frustrating at times getting it to work just right. The speed of the internet will depend on your WiFi network.

Who It’s For

Meep! is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Kids can add Meep! accessories to their tablet, including a portable piano, headphones, a drum pad, a microphone, a joystick, and more. The Meep! accessories, which give kids more ways to play with the Meep!, are sold separately.

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