Super Mario Cannon Building Set Review (K'NEX)

What It Is

The Cannon Building Set is a 142-piece set that builds a Super Mario inspired course structure, two buildable figures of Mario and Luigi and a Bullet Bill figure with a firing cannon.

Is It Fun?

This is a large Super Mario Bros. inspired structure that lets kids pretend to get Mario and Luigi through a level and to the flag at the end. The course begins with a launcher that propels a jump disc into the air. Both figures can be attached to the jump disc and launched onto the course. Just like in the video game, there are coins along the course and also bad guys who want to stop Mario and Luigi from reaching the flag. One of those bad guys is Bullet Bill, a torpedo figure who is launched from a cannon and makes it difficult for the brothers to pass. Launching Bullet Bill is easy thanks to the cannon's simple pull-back and release mechanism, which is sure to be a big hit with kids.

If Mario or Luigi makes it to the flag, you can drop them on the pressure-sensitive spot that automatically raises the flag.

Who It’s For

Mario fans, ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The instructions are pretty good and completing the build of this set should take most people around an hour.

Controlling the direction of the jump discs is extremely difficult. Rather than moving through the course, they tend to launch straight up, which makes it nearly impossible to maneuver through the course.

This set is part of the K'NEX Super Mario line.

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