Baby Magic Bath Tub Baby Review (New Adventures)

What It Is

Kids can pretend to give their baby doll a bath just like a real mom or dad with the Baby Magic Bath Tub Baby. This playset comes with one lavender-scented baby doll, a bath tub, a rubber duckie, a pretend bottle of body wash, a pretend bottle of baby powder, a washcloth, and a baby robe.

Is It Fun?

Kids love to pretend to take care of their dolls the ways their parents take care of them. This toy provides that opportunity. However, we had some concerns about the quality of this toy, which are listed below.

Who It’s For

Baby Magic Bath Tub Baby is for ages 2 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

While this toy encourages nurturing roleplay, the quality on this product is not good. Our bathtub was dented, and the edges of the bathtub were pretty sharp to the touch. The plastic on the baby doll is hard and not very huggable. The other accessories seemed to be okay, and we didn't find any other rough seams. But because the bathtub is the focus of this playset, we had to mention its poor quality.

The lavender scent is also extremely strong, though we assume that will lessen with time.

Baby Magic Bath Tub Baby is available at Toys "R" Us.

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