Duck Dynasty Redneck Wisdom Family Party Game Review (Cardinal Games)

What It Is

Based on the TV show Duck Dynasty, the Duck Dynasty Redneck Wisdom Family Party Game features the stars of the show: Phil, Willie, Jase, Uncle Si, and the rest of the crew. The object of the game is to move around the board and be the first player to pass his or her original starting space to win. Roll the die to determine the number of spaces you must move. You can move forward or backward depending on whether or not you want to land on a specific space. There are different spaces on the board that you can land on as you play. There are four hunting spots: frog, deer, squirrel, and duck. The red spaces are quotes. Pick up a red card and read the quote aloud. The other players write down what they think the correct answer is, and the card reader chooses which one he thinks is correct. If the chosen answer is correct, both players get bonus rolls of the die. If the card reader thinks all the answers are wrong–and they are–only the card reader gets a bonus roll. The blue spaces are trivia. Pick up a blue card and have the player on your left ask you one of the questions on the card.

This game is for two to 12 players or teams. It comes with an answer pad, a die, a game board, four movers with bases, 130 quote cards, 70 trivia cards, 10 rules cards, and instructions.

Is It Fun?

This is a game that will definitely appeal to fans of Duck Dynasty. Because the questions and quotes on the cards all have to do with things from the show, you really need to be a big fan of the show and know it really well in order to successfully play this game.

Who It’s For

The Duck Dynasty Redneck Wisdom Family Party Game is for Duck Dynasty fans ages 10 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Duck Dynasty airs on A&E.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy