Shake n Take Review (Out of the Box)

What It Is

Aliens are on the loose in the game Shake 'n Take and it's up to players to capture them. If you're playing with 2–5 players, each player gets an alien game board. One player starts off as the Alien Hunter, and that player receives a marker and the Shape Die. The person sitting directly to the right of the Alien Hunter receives the Shaker Egg.

The Alien Hunter rolls Shape Die and must quickly capture aliens that have the shape that was rolled. There are five shapes: square, circle, star, heart, and triangle. (If you roll a question mark, you get to pick what shape to go after.) To capture the aliens, use the marker to draw a circle around them on the game board.

As soon as the Alien Hunter rolls the die and starts capturing aliens, the player with the Shaker Egg starts shaking it until the die inside shows an alien face on top. When the alien face appears on top, the shaker grabs the marker from the Alien Hunter and becomes the new Alien Hunter. The player to his or her right picks up the Shaker Egg. Play continues in this way until one player has captured all the aliens on his or her game board.

To play with 6–10 players, you play just like above except that there are two Alien Hunters capturing aliens at the same time.

The game comes with two dry erase markers with removable alien tops, two erasers, 10 double-sided game boards, two shaker eggs (each containing an alien die), two shape dice, and rules. The game is for two to 10 players.

Is It Fun?

Shake 'n Take is a fun, fast-paced, easy-to-learn game that challenges players to see shapes in drawings of silly looking aliens. The game boards feature the same aliens, but the aliens are not in the same places on each board, so the game will be different each time you play. This game can be played with two or three players, but we think if you have more players, you'll also have more chaotic fun.

Who It’s For

Shake 'n Take is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The game boards are double-sided. One side shows aliens, while the other side shows geometric shapes. The geometric shapes side can be used by younger players.

The removable alien tops are designed to fit most brand name dry erase markers. If the dry erase markers that come with the game run out of ink, you can purchase additional markers and press the alien tops onto the new markers.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy