Zoomer Review (Spin Master)

What It Is

Zoomer is a robotic dog that runs on an included rechargeable battery. Before you start playing, charge up Zoomer using the included USB charging cord. You can plug that into your computer or a wall outlet if you have a USB adapter. Once charged, you're ready to play. Pressing down on Zoomer's head will put the dog in Listening Mode so you can give Zoomer commands. You'll know Zoomer is in this mode because the question marks in his eyes light up. The button on Zoomer's back hips will activate a random command. The dog's voice sensor lets him respond to a command from one to three feet away, and the infrared sensors on the front allow him to respond to movement. Among the commands are: sit down, lay down, speak, go for a walk, come here, follow me, go to sleep, protect me, I love you, let's play, shake a paw, play dead, and roll over.

In Random Mode, Zoomer will do all kinds of different things, which are, as you might guess, unpredictable.

In playing with Zoomer, we found the voice sensors worked very well, but you have to speak clearly and quickly. This is a toy you're going to want to get down on the floor to play with, and you may find yourself chasing after him quite a bit.

Is It Fun?

Kids will like all the different things they can make this robotic dog do. They'll be engaged interacting with Zoomer and watching this little dog move. This may mostly appeal to older fans of robotics who will get a kick out of putting Zoomer through his paces.

Who It’s For

Zoomer is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

There is a bit of a learning curve with Zoomer, but the instruction book is very clear.

Zoomer moves very fast, and that may prove to be frustrating for younger kids who may want to chase him.

This is not an inexpensive toy, so parents are going to have to decide if the level of play and the longer-term engagement is worth the investment.

There is no indicator to let you know that Zoomer is charging, but the toy takes about an hour to fully charge.

Spin Master says there is a Zoomer app for iOS and Android, but it was not available when we did this review.

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