LeapReader Review (LeapFrog)

What It Is

The LeapReader is an innovative, new reading and writing system that really does help kids learn both essential skills in fun, engaging, and age-appropriate ways. The play is all about interaction as kids learn to read by touching words to hear them. Kids hear the words sounded out and they identify letters and sounds. The speaker is very clear, which is critical as kids start to distinguish sounds as they learn to read.

One of the things we thought was so effective about this was the balance between whole word and phonics learning. It's also very sophisticated. For instance, distinguishing when an A makes a short A or long A sound.

The LeapReader comes with a sample book that will introduce kids and caregivers to the various levels of reading books available and introduces kids to the games and phonics tools that are built in as well as showcasing some of the great titles that are available. There are more than 150 LeapReader books in the library, and the LeapReader also works with the books from the Tag Reading System. There are also audiobooks available to build listening skills and oral comprehension as well as fostering imagination.

One of the truly remarkable and distinguishing parts of this is the way it teaches children to write. This requires LeapFrog's special learning paper, and it helps kids practice upper- and lowercase letters as well as all kinds of pencil strokes. You can see how this works in detail in our review of the LeapReader Read & Write Series Deluxe Activity Set.

The unit includes a headset jack, which makes this great for travel. The headsets, of course, are sold separately.

To set this up, parents will have to connect the LeapReader to a computer, sign onto LeapFrog Connect, set up an account, and download content onto the LeapReader. It's very easy to do, and the LeapReader has 256 MB of memory, so it can hold a lot of content.

The LeapReader is available in a green or pink.

Is It Fun?

There is nothing more important to success in school than literacy, and the LeapReader is a useful and effective tool to help kids build and practice core skills that combine solid pedagogy with a fun and interactive won't-want-to-stop experience.

Who It’s For

The LeapReader is for ages 4–8.

What To Be Aware Of

The LeapReader has a built-in rechargeable battery. Just connect it to a computer via the included USB cable to charge it.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy