Make Lolly Crayons Review (Alex)

What It Is

The idea behind the Make Lolly Crayons kit is to melt crayon crumbles into candy-shaped molds to create shaped crayons. The set includes a silicone baking mold, eight colors of crayon crumbles, 12 craft sticks, and a plastic spoon. Simply fill the molds partway with the crayon crumbles, insert the sticks, cover the molds with more crumbles, and then back for eight minutes at 325 degrees Fahrenheit. When the crayons have cooled, simply remove them from the mold and color away. Alex is very clear that you use a toaster oven or a conventional oven for doing this. It will not work in the microwave.

Is It Fun?

Bottomline: This is a cool concept but not the best execution. We thought this was a terrific idea, but there were some problems in doing the craft. Filling the mold is simple enough, as is inserting the sticks. The molds have been shaped to accommodate the sticks. However, because of the size of the crayon crumbles, when they melt, the wax doesn't fill the mold completely, and if you put more crumbles in before you bake them, the wax spills all over. The heat of the baking also caused the sticks to pop out of the mold, which meant they weren't encased in the crayon as intended. The way we tried to solve this was to add more crumbles after the initial baking and bake again, but it still didn't work all that well. We really like this concept, and it could be a terrific way to reuse stubby crayons, but you'll want to be sure to grind them into very small pieces before melting them down, and we would suggest forgetting about the sticks if they are problematic for you. They are more candies than lollies that way, but so be it.

Who It’s For

Make Lolly Crayons is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The instructions are very easy to follow.

The resulting crayons using the crayon crumbles are somewhat hard and don't put down color as well as some other commercially available crayons.

You'll want to place a pan under the mold as you bake because the wax is likely to spill over.

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