Disney Princess Palace Pets Pamper & Beauty Salon Review (Blip Toys)

What It Is

The Disney Princess characters have always loved animals, and now kids can play with, nurture, style, and love animals just like their favorite Disney Princess. The Disney Princess Palace Pets are the pets of the Disney Princesses. In the Palace Pets line, Rapunzel has a pet pony named Blondie and a kitty named Summer. Kids can groom and style Summer with the Pamper & Beauty Salon. From the huge spa tub to the luxurious styling chair, this playset is packed with tons of primping accessories, including a blow-dryer, mirror, four barrettes, and more. Dip the sponge brush in water to "paint" Summer's nails pink and make pretty makeup appear, thanks to a color-change effect. Summer's tiara is removable and can be mixed and matched with tiaras from other three-inch Palace Pets figures, which are sold separately. A storybook is included, but it does not contain any information about Summer. Instead, kids can read about Rapunzel's pony Blondie. For the backstory on how Summer came to be Rapunzel's kitty, you'll want to save the back of the toy's package.

Is It Fun?

This is a cute new line that will appeal to young Disney Princess fans. Kids can pretend they are just like Rapunzel taking care of their pet kitty. This playset, with its sparkly accessories, engages kids in imaginative play and hair play as they style Summer in different ways.

Who It’s For

The Pamper & Beauty Salon is for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The color-change effect works okay. The package does not say whether you need hot or cold water, but after some trial and error, we found that neither one really works. What you need is an ice cube. The color-change effect will appear on the figure's nails and body, but it only lasts a few seconds before changing back.

Kids can interact with all the Palace Pets through the free Palace Pets app, available in the Apple App store, though the app does not include any backstory on the ponies.

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