Mobo Tot Review (ASA Products)

What It Is

The Mobo Tot is an ergonomically designed cruiser for toddlers. The three-wheeled bike has a low center of gravity and requires no balancing to ride. You can attach a parent push bar so that parents can control a child's first rides on the Mobo Tot until the child gets the hang of pedaling. The footrests with gripping surfaces gives riders the option to rest their legs when being pushed. When your child is ready to pedal on her own, remove the push bar and let your child be on her way.

The ergonomic design keeps kids comfortable as they ride, and you can expand the frame as your child grows. A hand brake, safety flag, and rear reflector are included. Decals are also included to help kids decorate their cruiser and express their creativity.

The Mobo Tot also has a convenient handle built into the seat to make it easy for parents to lift and carry this 17-pound cruiser. The Mobo Tot is available in black, ivory, or pink.

Is It Fun?

The Mobo Tot is a cool variation on a toddler trike, and we like that it can be adjusted to grow with a child. It has a stylish look, and kids will like adding decals to customize the look. This cruiser also helps young kids with motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Who It’s For

The Mobo Tot is for ages 2–5 with a maximum weight limit of 80 pounds.

What To Be Aware Of

It took us 30 minutes to assemble the Mobo Tot. The instructions were easy to follow.

There is also a seat belt harness that you can attach for maximum safety, however, the instructions don't show how to attach that.

When children ride the Mobo Tot, make sure they are wearing protective gear, such as helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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