Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Review (Mattel)

What It Is

The Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister is an awesome Hot Wheels track set that is designed for the kinds of racing, crashing, and bashing play that characterizes classic Hot Wheels. This set comes with one Hot Wheels car, but kids will definitely want to bring out a whole bunch of them to get the most out of this set. Turn on the power boosters and start the cars on their way. You can change the path of the cars by pushing forward the red and blue levers to direct the cars into the different loops.

There is also a free iPad app to accompany the track set. Open the app, place the iPad in the included stand, and attach the stand to the track set. Kids will then watch their Hot Wheels car race around the track on the iPad screen with different scenes, such as shark-themed one, in the background.

Is It Fun?

Using the levers, kids will create fantastic mayhem as the cars go flying. This set is really well-designed for play that engages kids as they create different routes and imaginative scenarios. The set is also great for solo or co-play.

One thing we weren't too keen on is the optional iPad app. While the package promotes it as enhanced play, we really didn't think it added anything to the experience. We felt this was largely unnecessary and actually limited the play by having kids focus on the screen, which only shows the center part of the track, rather than the larger play experience. It's also clumsy if not very difficult to work the levers that change the track as you're playing, so the iPad turns an engaging, interactive toy into a watch-me toy. Our recommendation is to forget about the iPad and concentrate on the really exciting action that's been a staple of car play and the hallmark of Hot Wheels for more than 45 years.

Who It’s For

The Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This set took us 15 minutes to put together. Younger kids are probably going to want some adult assistance. Pay particular attention to the way the track pieces go together. The more snugly and accurately you fit the track pieces together, the better the performance from the cars. You may also want to stabilize the set with some books or tape to keep it super steady.

Four D batteries are required.

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    None or Very Easy

    4 D batteries required