The Magic Path of Yoga Review (Upside Down Games)

What It Is

Introduce kids to yoga, healthy nutrition, and the environment with The Magic Path of Yoga game. This game includes a fully illustrated 85-page booklet of all the poses and benefits of yoga.

To play, roll the die and move your token that many spaces along the board in either direction. Pick a card from the deck matching the color of the square you landed on. If the card is blue, red, or green, you must perform the pose on the card and hold it for 10 seconds. If the pose is performed correctly (use the booklet to determine this), the player or team gets to keep the card.

If the card is white, all the players form pairs to perform the indicated exercise. Then, the player or team who landed on the square gets to keep the card.

If the card is yellow, hand it to the other player who will read the question on the card out loud. If you answer correctly, you keep the card.

If you land on a jump square and you have collected one card of each color, move your token along the dotted line on the board to get to the inner path. While on the inner path, players continue performing the tasks indicated on the cards until they reach the OM square. The first player or team to reach the OM square wins.

The game includes a game board, a die, two game tokens, 54 yoga pose cards, 12 group exercise cards, 64 question cards, an instruction sheet, and an 85-page booklet. The game is for two players or teams.

Is It Fun?

This is a game that serves as a nice introduction to yoga and gets kids active while playing a game and having fun. Even though the game is competitive, some of the yoga exercises involve players working together, which strengthens and encourages teamwork. It is helpful, though, to have an adult player or other player who knows a bit about yoga and can make sure that the novice players are performing the poses correctly, acting not so much as a judge to determine if that player earns a card, but more so as a spotter to make sure that nobody gets hurt. The included yoga booklet is really informative and great for someone of any age who wants to learn and practice some basic yoga poses even without playing the game.

Who It’s For

The Magic Path of Yoga is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This game does require physical activity. Make sure you're wearing comfortable clothing and that you take off your shoes and do some warming up before play. It is advised that you use caution during play and stop immediately if you feel discomfort, pain, or dizziness.

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