Imaginista Decoupage Jewelry Review (The Orb Factory)

What It Is

With the Imaginista Decoupage Jewelry kit, kids can design 20 accessories using patterned paper, feathers, glitter, and ribbon. The kit includes 15 pendants that can be made into earrings or necklaces, one headband, four plastic bangles, two earring hooks, and 15 jump rings along with 32 sheets of patterned paper, six feathers, one bag of glitter, one foam brush, a bottle of glue, 13 yards of ribbon, and an instruction and inspiration booklet.

Choose which accessory and paper you'd like to use. Tear or cut the paper into pieces. Cover your accessory with the decoupage glue. Apply the paper onto your accessory and coat over the top with the decoupage glue. Add other materials, such as glitter, feathers, and ribbon. Set aside your new accessory so it can fully dry. Depending on how much glue you used, it could take up to one hour to dry.

Is It Fun?

This is a fun kit that is easy to use, but also a little messy because of the glue, so you'll definitely have to wash your hands when you're done. It's a great activity kit for kids who like making and wearing their own jewelry and accessories. The finished result gives kids unique fashion pieces that they can actually wear.

Who It’s For

The Imaginista Decoupage Jewelry kit is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The instructions for this kit were easy to follow. However, there is nothing in the instructions about how to clean the foam brush. Soap and water worked fine for us. If you don't wash the glue out of the brush, the brush will harden and be difficult to work with when you go back to the kit a few days later to make another piece of jewelry.

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