Trivial Pursuit Party Review (Hasbro)

What It Is

Trivial Pursuit Party is a new and faster way to play the classic game Trivial Pursuit. In order to win, you still need to be the first player or team to collect any six wedges by successfully answering questions, but in this version, you can win a wedge on every turn.

On your turn, roll the die and move the number of spaces shown. You can move in any direction on the game board. Then take a card from the front of the cardholder. If you land on a colored category space, find the question for that color category and read the question out loud so all players can hear it. (Categories are the same as in the original game: places, entertainment, events, the arts, nature & technology, and sports & hobbies.) If you answer correctly, you collect a wedge. If you don't know the answer, you can ask a friend for help. If you use your friend's answer and it is correct, you both win a wedge. However, if you didn't answer correctly, you don't get a wedge.

If you land on a wedges wild space, you get to pick any category you want. Read the question out loud. All players have the chance to "buzz in" by shouting "Got it!" if they know the answer. You get the first chance to answer. If you answer correctly, you collect a wedge. If you're wrong, the player who "buzzed in" first has a chance to answer. If they answer correctly, they collect a wedge, but if their answer is wrong, they must give up a wedge.

Trivial Pursuit Party comes with a gameboard, a die, 200 trivia cards with 1,200 questions, a cardholder, six wedge holders, and 36 wedges. The game is for three to six players.

Is It Fun?

This version of Trivial Pursuit is a lot of fun. We love the new rules, including the ask-a-friend feature, because it keeps the gameplay moving and gets more people playing at once instead of waiting around for their next turn. Trivial Pursuit Party plays a lot faster than the original. You can finish one game in about 20 minutes.

Who It’s For

Trivial Pursuit Party is for ages 16 and up based on the content of the questions. Younger players may have difficulty answering the questions.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional versions of Trivial Pursuit include Team Edition and Disney for All Edition. Each game is sold separately.

The game has been redesigned to be significantly less expensive while still delivering all the play—and more—of the original.

If you have other versions of Trivial Pursuit cards, you can play this game with them using the new gameplay.

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