Nanoblock Pig Review (Ohio Art)

What It Is

The Nanoblock buildable pig figure is part of the nanoblocks Mini Series animal collection. This set includes more than 100 pieces and an easy-to-read colored instructions guide that allows kids to build a miniature 3-D pig that, when complete, fits in the palm of their hand. The smallest pieces in the nanoblocks building system are a mere four-by-four-by-five millimeters (about 1/8 the size of a traditional LEGO-style building block).

Is It Fun?

The small size of the completed builds as well as building with such small pieces give an added dimension of fun and challenge to traditional construction sets. The small size of the completed builds also makes them perfect for collecting.

Who It’s For

Nanoblocks are for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Nanoblock sets range in difficulty levels from one to five. Level one is easy and level five is hard. This is based on the number of pieces each set contains. The pig is ranked as a level two build.

The Mini Series come in small resealable plastic bags so you can easily store any unused blocks.

If we could change one thing it would be that the blocks stayed together better, but that's really a small detail.

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