Alcatraz Review (Fat Brain Toys)

What It Is

Alcatraz is the prison break logic game from Smart Games. The game brings a traditional computer style maze game off the screen into the physical world of gameplay, where one move in the wrong direction will send you back to the beginning. This is a single-player game in which, you, the player, are a prisoner, trying to escape. "Cameras" move between the different color zones of the game—red, blue, and green— so as long as you land on a color that's not indicated by the game's color monitor you're in the clear. But if you do, it's back to the jail cell, or start.

Start the game by choosing one of the 48 challenge cards and placing it face up on the game board. Challenge levels include starter, junior, expert, and master. Position the 3-dimenisonal walls as shown on the card and place the prisoner gamepiece at start and the escape ladder at the finish.

Start the color monitor on red and then choose to move 1-3 spaces each time you click the color monitor toward you. Make it to the ladder without getting caught and you've cracked the puzzle.

Is It Fun?

This is another puzzle game that will get kids flexing their brain muscles. And like a computer maze game, part of the fun is knowing that one move in the wrong direction will send you back to the beginning. This is a game that will test players' cognitive thinking skills and keep challenging them as they advance through the various levels.

Who It’s For

Alcatraz is for kids ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

When you start the game players will move their game piece before they turn their color monitor from red. This is a little unclear in the instructions.

Positioning the 3-dimensional walls on the game board takes some additional time to set up for each new challenge card.

The game pieces, challenge cards, and guide booklet can be stored in the compartment underneath the game board.

Solutions to each challenge card are located in the included guide booklet.

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