Stretch-N-Reveal Bands Review (Zootuz)

What It Is

Stretch-N-Reveal Bands are the latest wearable and collectible fashion accessory for kids. When kids stretch one of the bands, they reveal a message printed on the band. There are five themes to collect. Each pack of Girl Power Bands comes with five silicone bands with an empowering phrase on each one, such as "I am empowered to be myself".

I Believe I Am Bands also include five bands per pack with a Christian message on each one, including "More Than a Conqueror".

With Flirt Bands, kids can wear and share a message to that special someone. There are 10 bands to collect, and each pack includes five bands with a flirty phrase, such as "You're the peanut butter to my jelly".

Kids can play a game with Mystery Bands. Ask a yes or no question, then stretch a band to reveal one of five answers, including "In your dreams".

Whadaya? Bands can also be played as a game. Ask a friend, "Whadaya?" or "What are ya?" Have them select a band on your wrist. Stretch the band to reveal their secret identity, which could be "Secret Ninja" or "Fresh Booger Eater". There are 24 different bands to collect, and Whadaya? Bands are available in packs of six.

Is It Fun?

These are fun collectibles, and kids will like stretching the bands to read the hidden messages. With the different themes, kids can pick the one that they like the best and express themselves through these colorful fashion accessories.

Who It’s For

Whadaya? Bands and Girl Power Bands are for ages 5 and up. Mystery Bands, Flirt Bands, and I Believe I Am Bands are for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The Stretch-N-Reveal Bands are available to purchase from

As in all printed bands, heat and friction will wear off the sayings. Zootuz recommends not wearing the bands under tight sleeves or while sleeping or bathing.

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