Mike the Knight Training Grounds Review (Fisher-Price)

What It Is

The Mike the Knight Training Grounds Playset is a new playset from Fisher-Price that lets fans of the popular preschool series help Mike the Knight train for his next big adventure in Glendragon. The playset features a platform to launch the Mike the Knight figure over the removable high bar by pressing the side shield. The playset also features a practice shield, spinning targets, removable slide, and moveable flags. The Mike the Knight figure is dressed in his recognizable blue armor.

Is It Fun?

Preschoolers and fans of the show will love using this playset to help Mike train to be a nimble little knight by sending him jumping over the high bar, climbing ropes, sliding down the slide, and taking aim at spinning targets. The playset also gives kids a new toy to act out their favorite Mike the Knight adventures and imagine new ones as they play.

Who It’s For

The Mike the Knight Training Grounds Playset is for ages 2 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Although the packaging suggests kids can launch the Mike the Knight figure from the platform over the high bar, the figure is too heavy to fly that far. But because it is such a sturdy figure it is perfectly sized for toddlers, and any child at that age will just have fun pretending.

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