Style Me Up! Perfect Nail Markers Review (Wooky Entertainment)

What It Is

With Style Me Up! Perfect Nail Markers, girls can "nail" the perfect nail art look. Each Perfect Nail Markers kit lets kids create trendy, detailed nail designs with two-in-one polish pens in bright colors. The kits include six double-sided nail markers in six different colors with a brush applicator on one side and fine tip pen for detailing on the other. Kids can use the stick-on stencils to add designs to their nails or get inspiration from the pictures in the instruction booklet. The kit also comes with a wire for cleaning the marker tips. Perfect Nail Markers kits come in different color themes, including teal/green and pink/purple.

Is It Fun?

This kit aims to make it easier for kids to participate in the nail art trend that has become so popular among their favorite celebrities. Whether kids are using the stencils for the designs or creating their own designs, kids will have a lot of fun changing up the look of their nails.

Who It’s For

Style Me Up! Perfect Nail Markers are for ages 8 and up. It will appeal most to kids who like painting their nails.

What To Be Aware Of

Don't expect your nails to look as perfect as the nails on the packaging. Using the nail pens will take some practice, especially when you're using your non-dominant hand to design the nails on your dominant hand. When using the nail pens, make sure the polish isn't going on too thick or it will take a really long time to dry. We put a coat of clear nail polish over our finished nails once they were dry enough to keep everything set. Clear nail polish is not included with the kit.

Using the stencils is fun, but there are very small pieces that need to be punched out of each stencil, which can be difficult. Make sure your nails are dry before trying to use the stencils or the polish will smudge.

The instructions say to put one layer of color on your nails before adding designs. We did two layers of color because one layer just seemed too thin.

We had some trouble getting some of the polish to come out through the nail pens. No matter how hard we squeezed the bottle, nothing came out. We tried using the included wire to clean out the nail pen tip, but it didn't work.

The wire is very small. We taped it to our instruction booklet to make sure we didn't lose it. You might want to do something similar.

There are no instructions about how to remove the nail polish. Regular nail polish remover should do the trick.

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