Kidz Bop Party Hits Review (Razor & Tie)

What It Is

The Kidz Bop Party Hits album offers a solid mix of 13 party tunes including current and past top 40 hits and the most popular Kidz Bop covers. It even includes the Kidz Bop Shuffle, which is a cover to the party classic "The Cupid Shuffle." While some of the original songs cover inappropriate subjects and lyrics for kids, Kidz Bop versions are sung by kids (the Kidz Bop Kidz) for kids, so all the lyrics are age appropriate for your child and any party.

Is It Fun?

While some of the substituted lyrics might seem a bit silly to a parent who prefers the original, the songs are ultimately much more kid-friendly and they still maintain the same upbeat tempo to get everyone up and dancing. And because Kidz Bop versions are sung by the Kidz Bop kids, kids will want to jump in and sing along. This album especially offers a wide mix of past and present favorite that are suitable for a party.

Who It’s For

Kidz Bop music is for kids ages 5 and up

What To Be Aware Of

Kidz Bop music is distributed by Razor & Tie Direct.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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