Shizzle Twist & Tumble Dice Game Review (PlayMonster)

What It Is

Shizzle Twist & Tumble Dice Game from Patch Products is a fast-paced dice game for two to six players. To start the game, place all the playing chips in the center of the gaming area. This will be the bank. The amount of chips you put in the bank depends on the number of people playing. The game starts when one player rolls a die. Whatever side the die lands on becomes the Spark Die, which the first player will use to build a dice line off as a starting point. Toss the other five dice into the Twist & Tumble Dice Cup and give it a turn. The dice will tumble out the bottom. The first player will work to matching the five dice by the number or color from one die to the next, starting with the Spark Die. For example, if the Spark Die features a single purple dot then the next die can either be the same color or also have a single dot.

The goal is to form the longest chain of dice you can to earn the most points. As long as you can add dice to the chain, you can keep rolling to improve your score. However, if you can't match any of your dice, that's called a "Choke" and you don't get any point and can't roll again. If you get a "Fizzle," which is only one match, you can take your points but can't keep rolling. A "Flicker" is a match of three to five dice and the player can either take his points or can keep rolling to improve his score. And lastly a "Shizzle" is when a player uses all five dice. When this happens players can either take six points from the bank or make another player return six chips to the bank. The die at the end of each player's line becomes the new Spark Die for the next player. The game ends when there are no chips left in the bank and the player with the most chips wins.

Is It Fun?

Shizzle is a game that moves quickly and no matter how many people are playing gameplay never gets boring. It's easy to get started and even though it's for ages 8 and up, it's the kind of game that a younger child can join in with some assistance. Kids will love throwing the dice into the unique Twist & Tumble Dice Cup and watching the dice tumble out the bottom. We also like that the Twist & Tumble Cup doubles as a storage container for all the game's pieces, so it's compact and transports easily.

Scoring a "Shizzle" also makes gameplay more interesting, especially if you get to make the leading player return their chips to the bank.

Who It’s For

The Shizzle Twist & Tumble Dice Game is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Round yellow chips are worth one point and the square red chips are worth five points.

Make sure you keep your Spark Die away from the rest of the dice so there isn't any confusion when the dice tumble out the cup.

A Fizzle can only happen when rolling all five dice.

If you get a Shizzle, you can also take some points for yourself and make the other player return some points as well. Mixing and matching is allowed.

Use a combination of circle and square chips that add up to the point amount that coordinates with how many players there will be. For two players, place 40 chips in the bank. For three players, place 60 chips in the bank. For four players, place 75 chips in the bank. For five players, place 90 chips in the bank. And for six players, place 100 chips in the bank.

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