Go Oink! Review (PlayMonster)

What It Is

Go Oink! is a cute and silly card game that allows kids to make animal sounds while they play. The game is played like Go Fish where you need to find matching cards. In this game, though, instead of asking for the card you want by name or number, you ask by animal sound. So, if you need a turkey, you'd ask another player, "Do you have a gobble gobble?" If the other player has the card you want, they have to give you that card. If they didn't have the card, they would tell you to go oink, and you'd draw a new card from the pile. If you're able to make a complete set of three matching animal cards, you place them in a pile in front of you. These cards are safe and other players may not take them from you. The game ends when any player gets rid of all the cards in his or her hand or when the draw pile runs out. The player with the most matching sets wins.

Go Oink! comes with 51 cards. There are 17 sets of three matching cards with animals such as birds, lions, bees, monkeys, elephants, snakes, and more. The game also comes with a plastic pig case that stores all the cards, which makes it great for easy clean-up and to travel with.

Is It Fun?

Go Oink! is easy to play and super silly. Kids will love buzzing, barking, and meowing their way to the win.

Who It’s For

Go Oink! is for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Patch Products also makes a similar game called Go Ape! where players must act like an animal when asking for a card. Go Ape! is sold separately.

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    None or Very Easy