Monopoly: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition Review (USAopoly)

What It Is

The Lord of the Rings fans can travel from Bag-End to Mount Doom with Monopoly: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition. This themed version of the classic board game plays like the original version but with some custom Lord of the Rings (LOTR) rules.

The object of the game is to be the only player left in the game after everyone else has gone bankrupt. To do this, buy properties and charge other players rent for landing on them. Collect groups of properties to increase the rent, then build Strongholds and Fortresses (instead of houses and hotels) to boost your income. Players take turns rolling the dice and moving their token clockwise around the board the number of spaces shown on the dice. Follow the directions on whatever space you land. Like in regular Monopoly, you might have to pay another player rent, have the opportunity to purchase a space, go to jail, or collect 200 power (instead of dollars) for passing Go.

But there are special LOTR-themed spaces. Each square on the board represents a different Middle Earth location, such as Farmer Maggot's and the Gap of Rohan.

The Good and Evil spaces prompt players to take the top card from the appropriate card pile and follow the instructions on the card. You might get invited to sail to the undying lands and gain 200 power. Or you might get captured by the Uruk-Hai and head to jail.

The Mounts Shadowfax, Great Eagle, Mumakil, and Fell Beast replace the traditional railroad spaces.

The six playing pieces are in the shape of Sting, Gandalf's Hat, Bill the Pony, Aragorn's Crown, an Elven Brooch, and Boromir's Gondorian Horn.

Monopoly: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition comes with a gameboard, six collectible tokens, 28 title deed cards, 16 evil cards, 16 good cards, power currency, 32 houses renamed strongholds, 12 hotels renamed fortresses, and two dice. The game is for two to six players.

Is It Fun?

The Lord of the Rings fans will enjoy traveling through Middle Earth and reliving the books and movies with this themed game. If you've played Monopoly before, this version will be familiar to you. If you're a fan of LOTR, you'll enjoy the extra game features that make this Monopoly game such a great collector's edition.

Who It’s For

Monopoly: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition is for The Lord of the Rings fans ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Monopoly: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition is available to purchase at

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