Yo-Mods G-R & Pro Speed Yo-Yo Review (Yomega)

What It Is

Yomega's Yo-Mods is a new customizable yo-yo system. With the system, yo-yoers can build their own yo-yos to perform the way they want. Each yo-yo comes with parts that can be interchanged with other models in the Yo-Mods line to change the speed or responsiveness of the yo-yos. Interchangeable parts include different weighted rims, spacers, different sized ball bearings and pads. Two strings are also included with each Yo-Mods model.

The G-R (green) model is the most basic and with all its original parts the most responsive and lightest of the Yo-Mods models. The Pro Speed (black) model is the most advanced model and with all its original parts non-responsive and delivers the longest spins. And BX-2 (blue) model, which is the advanced mid-level yo-yo between these two. It's responsive and has an increased sleep time.

Is It Fun?

Yo-yos are a fun, classic, and timeless toy with an addictive play pattern. The different levels throughout the Yo-Mods line offers something for each level yoyoer. When kids gets invested in yo-yoing is they often want to get a higher-end model, and this line gives you a head start on that.

More advanced and pro yo-yoers will appreciate that they can customize the yo-yo to best suit their preferred modes of play.

Who It’s For

Yomega's Yo-Mods system is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Yo-Mods yo-yos are sold separately, so in order to interchange the parts you will need to buy more than one Yo-Mods model.

Directions can be a little unclear, particularly when it comes to putting on the string since many beginner yo-yos come preassembled. If you are looking for more instructions on yo-yo maintenance check out Yomega.com.

Yomega's website is full of video tutorials about how to do everything from maintain your yo-yo to how to safely perform yo-yo tricks such as "Walk the Dog," "Around the World," and more.

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