Robin Zingone’s My Simple 1-2-3 Scrapbook Review (Publications International)

What It Is

The Girlygirl My Simple 1-2-3 Scrapbook is a beginner scrapbook from Publications International, featuring artwork from Girlygirl creator Robin Zingone. The book features more than 600 scrapping pieces including 160 predesigned/patterned pages; punch-out journaling tags and sentiments; and dimensional, glitter, vellum, icon, and alphabet stickers. The back of the book gives a quick run down of the easy-to-follow "1-2-3" guide to scrapbooking:

Step one: pick a page.

Step two: place your pictures.

And step three: add stickers, tags, and captions to customize your design.

Is It Fun?

Because this book is targeted for beginner scrapbookers, the guide on the back of the book makes it really easy for kids to get started and figure out what to do. And once kids get scrapping, they can get really creative and create unique pages as they work their way through the book. We also like how much scrapbooking materials are included with the book; With more than 600 scrapping pieces, kids get a lot of bang for their (parents') buck, when on average a pack of dimensional stickers alone can start at $5.

Who It’s For

The Girlygirl My Simple 1-2-3 Scrapbook is for ages 7 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Because the included photo corners are just stickers they aren't very sturdy, especially if you are using photo paper, which tends to be more weighed and thicker. They are also a little too thin in terms of sticking them both to the scrap page and the photo. We suggest using some additional adhesive to bond your photos to the pages better, which is sold separately.

Some additional prep work might be needed for your photos before placing on the page, such as cutting and printing.

There are 16 perforated 12-by-12 scrapbook pages that can be removed to preserve in an album.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy