Soccer Instant Goal Review (Powerbolt)

What It Is

The Soccer Instant Goal is a pop-up soccer goal that can be taken anywhere. Once assembled, it stands six feet by four feet by four feet. It's meant to be used on grass and comes with two stakes for securing the goal to the ground. The goal can be used in a park that doesn't have a soccer goal or in a large backyard. Once you're done playing and practicing, you do have to take the whole goal apart. It does not fold up. It does come with a bag for storing all the parts.

Is It Fun?

This is a great soccer goal for soccer fans to use if they want to play a game or practice their soccer skills at a park that doesn't already have a soccer goal set up or in their backyard. We don't like the fact that the goal doesn't easily fold up for transportation or storage, but the storage bag does make it easy to take all the parts wherever you go. Just make sure to factor in the assembly time when you want to play with this goal.

Who It’s For

Because this is not a toy, it is not age-graded. But it's great for fans of soccer of all ages who want to be able to play or practice tending goal or kicking at the park or in their backyard.

What To Be Aware Of

To assemble this goal, two adults will need to work together. This is not meant for kids to put together. If two adults work together, it will take about 10 minutes to assemble. We had one person put it together, and it took about 20 minutes. It's easier to take this apart than put together, and it took us less than 10 minutes to disassemble the goal.

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