Rob Delaney’s War of Words Review (All Things Equal)

What It Is

Rob Delaney is a comedian, actor, and Twitter personality famous for saying a lot of funny things as well as inappropriate and offensive things. Rob Delaney's War of Words game features some of Rob's most outrageous tweets. The game comes with a gameboard, box of playing cards, custom die, war chest cards, an answer pad, six pencils, and six game pieces with stands. The game is for four to six players.

Players take turns rolling the die, moving the number of spaces shown, and picking a playing card. The space you land on determines which phrases you'll read on the card. If you land on a red space, you must read the red tweet on a card and pick another player to also read a red tweet from a different card. The other players vote on which tweet they like best. The player with the most votes advances two spaces on the board.

If you land on a gray space, read aloud the gray tweet from the card and say "blank" for the section of highlighted words. The other players decide how best to fill in the blank. You pick your favorite answer and try to match which player wrote which answer. For every correct match, you advance one space, and the player who wrote the favorite answer advances two spaces.

If you land on a blue space, read aloud the blue tweet from the card and the related question that follows. (This is sort of like the game Loaded Questions, which All Things Equal also makes.) For example, one card says, "If complaining was an Olympic event, my wife would complain about it. What is completely worth complaining about?" The other players write an answer for the question, and you must pick your favorite answer, then guess which player wrote what answer. For each correct match, you advance on space. The player who wrote the favorite answer advances two spaces.

Additional game board spaces include War Chest spaces, which play exactly like the blue and gray spaces, but instead of the player who wrote the favorite answer advancing two spaces, he or she must pick the top card from the War Chest, read it aloud and follow the instructions. That player might get to move ahead two spaces or advance to the next Green Zone space.

The Green Zone spaces allow you to look through all three tweets on your playing card and play your favorite.

The first player to move his or her game piece around the board and arrive back to the home space wins the game.

Is It Fun?

This is a game that will definitely appeal to fans of Rob Delaney. The gameplay is pretty good, although we don't really like the red category of tweets because there's really no play to the category. This is a game that's only as good as its players. You can't have players who are easily offended because 90 percent of the content on the cards is offensive and inappropriate. (It took us a long time to find cards we could read on camera for this review.) What you do need are players who have a sense of humor and who can come up with funny and silly answers.

Who It’s For

Because of the game's content, this is NOT a game for kids. It's a very adult game for ages 18 and up. It will most likely appeal to fans of Rob Delaney.

What To Be Aware Of

If you're debating on whether or not to purchase this game, we recommend looking at Rob Delaney's Twitter page. If you don't like what he tweets, this isn't the game for you.

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