Lightning Bolt Pro Soft Micro Ball Pitching Machine Review (SKLZ)

What It Is

Young baseball players can refine their hitting skills with the Lightning Bolt Pro Soft Micro Ball Pitching Machine. Instead of regular baseballs, this pitching machine comes with 12 foam micro balls. (It can hold up to 26.) Load the balls into the shagger, adjust the height for different pitching locations, and turn it on. This machine automatically pitches soft practice balls 30 miles per hour up to 25 feet. There is a five second delay between pitches to give solid repetition training. When you're done, the shagger detaches and can be used to pick up the micro balls by just placing it on top of a ball and pushing down. The ball will then go inside the shagger, so you don't have to bend over and pick up each ball.

Is It Fun?

We like the small balls with this automatic pitching machine because once you get adjusted to hitting them, hitting a baseball, softball, or wiffle ball becomes a lot easier.

Who It’s For

The Lightning Bolt Pro is not age-graded, but we feel that it is appropriate for any baseball player ages 5 and up who wants to refine their hitting skills.

What To Be Aware Of

Six C batteries are required but not included. This also comes with an AC adapter, however, if you are playing with this outside, chances are there will not be a wall outlet to plug it into.

Generally, the first ball that comes out of the pitching machine will be a grounder. But the second ball will be at the correct height you want.

  • Is it Useful?

  • Repeat Use

  • Value

    6 C batteries required