Pro Soft Yak Glove Review (Wilson)

What It Is

The Wilson Pro Soft Yak Glove is light, soft, and strong. It is made with yak leather, which is three times stronger than traditional cowhide leather. This glove is designed to give players a faster break-in time and a soft, game-ready feel right off the shelf. This 11.5-inch glove features a shallow pocket.

Is It Fun?

Young baseball players will like that this glove doesn't take long to break in and has a softer, lighter feel than traditional gloves.

Who It’s For

This glove is not age-graded, but because of its size, we recommend it for ages 13 and up who are really into baseball and for whom the expense is worthwhile. Buy a glove based on the position played. This glove would be ideal for a pitcher, shortstop or 3rd baseman. (A 2nd baseman would need a slightly smaller glove 11-11.5, and an outfielder would need a larger glove—about size 12-13, while catchers and 1st basemen have different gloves entirely.)

What To Be Aware Of

If you're going to spend this much for a glove, correct sizing is important, and this is going to be best for kids who are really serious about the sport.

A conditioner to help the glove break in even faster is available and sold separately.

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