Reebok Vector Grip Basketball Review (EB Brands)

What It Is

The Reebok Vector Grip Basketball is a size 5, 27.5-inch basketball. It is two inches smaller than a regulation basketball. It features Reebok Cover to Core technology with a Performance PU composite leather cover for ultra durability and a tacky feel. The basketball also has an extra wide concave channel for an easier grip. It features a nylon/polyester blend winding for shape retention and a butyl bladder for best air retention. The Reebok Vector Grip is also available in full and 28.5-inch sizes, sold separately.

Is It Fun?

The Reebok Vector Grip Basketball is designed for elementary school children because it is easier for them to hold, grip, and dribble. This is a great basketball for young kids who like playing basketball.

Who It’s For

This basketball is not age-graded, but this is a good first basketball for kids who want to play "for real." It's 2-inches smaller than a regulation basketball, which means it will go in the basket more easily. It's also easier to grip, dribble and shoot. This should be good for kids up to about age 12, but once kids get into 7th grade, they'll want to graduate to a regulation-size basketball.

What To Be Aware Of

When you get this basketball, make sure it is the right weight by inflating it. Moisten the inflation needle, insert it into the basketball, and inflate the basketball to between 7 and 9 pounds.

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