Earphone Couture-Fluffy! Review (Alex)

What It Is

White earphones are so boring, so kids can dress them up with the Earphone Couture—Fluffy! kit. The kit comes with a pair of earphones that work with the iPhone, iPad, and other MP3 devices, 20 yards of fluffy yarn, two charms, two jump rings, and instructions. Follow the instructions to tie the yarn into knots around the cord of the earphones. You can also attach the two charms to the cord.

Is It Fun?

Kids who like listening to music will like being able to make plain white earphones look a little more exciting. This is a fun activity that does take a little bit of time to complete, but the finished product is fun to wear and feel.

Who It’s For

Earphone Couture—Fluffy! is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

It took us two hours to complete, and the instructions were okay. We thought they could have been a little more descriptive. Just take your time as you do this activity.

The fuzzy yarn sheds.

The jump rings are a little difficult to remove from the package. Make sure you don't accidentally throw them away. The jump rings are also difficult to attach to the charms. We had to use pliers to pry the jump rings apart so they could slip over the hook on the charms.

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