Squint Review (Out of the Box)

What It Is

Squint is a fast-moving party game where everyone plays every turn. The game is all about using a variety of shapes to build pictures. Spread out the 72 shape cards face up in the middle of the playing surface. There are circles, lines, curves, and more on each card. Each player takes a turn as the picture builder. Roll the die to determine what picture you're going to build. If you roll a 1, you must build the first word on the Squint card that you draw. If you roll a 2, you'll build the second word on the card, and if you roll a 3, you build the third word. The first word is the easiest and the third word is the hardest.

All other players have 45 seconds to guess what the picture is as you build. The picture builder can animate the picture and point to it but can't use any verbal clues. However, saying "yes", "no", "hot", or "cold" is acceptable. The player who guesses correctly earns scoring chips along with the picture builder. If no one guesses correctly, no one earns any chips. The number of chips you get corresponds to the number you rolled. So, if the picture builder built a number 3 word and someone correctly guessed that word, both players would earn three scoring chips (equal to three points). After all the rounds are played, the player with the most chips wins.

The number of rounds you play depends on the number of players. A round consists of each player having one turn as a picture builder. For three to four players, you'd play four rounds. For five to six players, you'd play three rounds. And for seven to eight players, you'd play two rounds.

On the back of the instruction sheet, there is a picture of all 72 card shapes. It helps to look at it before you build your picture because you can easily see the shape cards you want, and it makes it a little easier to find them on the playing surface and build your picture.

Squint comes with 72 shape cards, 80 scoring chips, 168 double-sided Squint cards, a die, a card tray, a 45-second timer, and rules. The game is for three to eight players.

Is It Fun?

We like that in this game, all players play on every turn. There's no waiting around for your turn to do something. This is definitely a challenging game. Some of the words on the Squint cards are hard, and you'll have to think creatively to figure out how to put the shape cards together. But that's all part of the fun!

Who It’s For

Squint is for ages 12 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

For younger players, 8 and up, Out of the Box makes Squint Junior.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy