Jon Vandergriff’s Flick Your Chip Review (Try Try A Game)

What It Is

The object of Jon Vandergrift's Flick Your Chips is to get to one of the winner's spaces at either end of the board. There's a red winner and a green winner, but what you also see at the end of either board is a plus sign or a minus sign because that's reflected on either side of the chip. Depending on which side your chip is, that's the direction you're going to go. Everyone starts at 50 and "flicks their chips" (tosses them in the air and lets them drop). If your chip shows a minus sign facing up, you'll go in the direction of the red minus sign winner side. If your chip shows a plus sign facing up, you'll go in the direction of the green plus sign winner side.

Players then take turns picking a card and doing what the card says, which could be flicking your chip, rolling the dice, or moving a certain number of spaces in your direction. Whatever card you choose, the other players must also do that action.

There are lots of different twists and turns, such has flicking your chip and having to move in the opposite direction. At one point you might also pick a card that says something like "give a one-word description of the player on your left" and then you move the number of letters in that word. (So if you said "fabulous" you'd get to move eight.) Other cards ask you to move based on a token color or do something based on the current hour.

The game is for two to eight players and comes with eight plus or minus chips, a game board, 180 playing cards, eight tokens, and two dice.

Is It Fun?

There seem to be too many different games involved in this one game overall, which makes this a very long game and a little confusing. We also thought the board was confusing to look at. We don't think a lot of people are going to get into the social interaction. The thing about a good board game is it has to be very, very simple to do and once you're done with it, you don't want to be exhausted. You want to say, "Hey, let's play again." So we're not sure this is a great game for everybody, but definitely one for kids who have a lot of patience.

Who It’s For

This game is designed for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Flick Your Chip is available at

The number of times the game changes up is way too many. Overall, the game mechanics (the way the game plays) are not well thought-out, and we found it frustrating and a little tedious to play.

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