Scanimalz Review (Wicked Cool Toys)

What It Is

Scanimalz is a collection of adorable plush toys that have integrated QR codes that work with an app you can download to your iOS or Android device. Each Scanimalz has a code attached to its bottom hangtag. Once you download and open the free app, scan the code to activate your Scanimalz for the first time. You won't need this code again in regular play, but hold onto it in case you lose your password or need to restore your account. After that first scan, you'll see the animal show up in your collection on your device. Then you can play a variety of games, score points, and even earn scans, in-game points that allow you to purchase add-ons for your Scanimalz and help in the games. One we really wanted to earn was enough points to give us better aim in one of the games.

The four games, which will be familiar to casual gamers, include Scants in Your Pants, an engaging game where you save the ants but must watch out for the snakes; Scanyon Jump, where you have to get your character higher and higher jumping from rock to rock; Scannonball challenges you to fire your ants at a moving target; and Scanic Attack is a kind of Whac-a-Mole game.

You still need to hang onto your Scanimalz after you scan them into the app because at the end of each level, you can scan the animal again to earn more scans points. Also, every day there's a Scantasy Spin that can earn you even more points to earn those add-ons more quickly.

Is It Fun?

The app is a lot of fun. There is a learning curve to the games, but that's part of the fun and part of any casual gaming. The Scanimalz themselves are cute, collectible plush animals, and we love just how cuddly they are. We also like that kids are encouraged to continue playing with the animals and the app instead of just purchasing the Scanimalz, scanning the QR code, and tossing the Scanimalz aside.

Who It’s For

The toys and the app are for ages 3 and up, but we think that kids 6 and up should be able to play most of the games pretty easily.

What To Be Aware Of

New series are coming soon and certain Scanimalz will be retired to make them even more valuable.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy