Alien Assignment Review (Fred Rogers Center at Saint Vincent College)

What It Is

Alien Assignment is an app that encourages parent and child interaction in a thoughtful camera seek, find, and share game. Open up Alien Assignment and meet the main characters, an alien family traveling through space who, due to a terrible turn of events, crash into planet Earth. Your child's job is to help the aliens fix their ship by searching for items that belong in specific categories. The app doesn't ask kids to find specific objects, instead making them think about what objects are cold, smelly, blue, or any number of other category-style questions. Kids search around their environment and take a picture of the object that belongs in the category. Then kids have to find a grown-up and show them the pictures they took, which is an excellent feature added by the developer. The grown-up's job is to check that the pictures match the category and take a moment to talk with their child. Once the grown-up has given the okay, the app continues. If one of the pictures isn't correct kids, go back and try again. Oh, and don't worry about all these pictures your kids are taking. They are not saved in your photo stream.

Is It Fun?

Alien Assignment is by far one of our favorite apps for kids. We like that this app doesn't specifically tell kids what to find, but instead gives them a category and challenges them to find something that fits the category in their own environment. We think that having a grown-up check the child's picture makes for a magical learning moment while using a kids' app.

Who It’s For

Alien Assignment is for ages 4 and up for independent use. It can also be a fun family game for kids of all ages.

What To Be Aware Of

This app is available in the iTunes app store for iPhone and iPod Touch. While the app is not designed for the iPad, you can use it on your iPad, but the graphics will appear a little pixelated.

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