InnoTab 2S Review (VTech)

What It Is

You may be familiar with the InnoTab 2, and the InnoTab 2S adds wi-fi connectivity to enhance the play and learning experience by allowing kids to connect wirelessly to VTech's Learning Lodge Navigator and browse through a variety of books, apps, games, music, videos, and more. They can even pick what they want and put it on their wish list, and when Mom or Dad approve, the content is downloaded instantly.

Like the InnoTab 2, this is a sturdy multi-media tablet with a five-inch touchscreen with motion sensor. Kids can use their fingers or the included stylus to tap and swipe on the screen. Up to five users can create profiles on the InnoTab 2S. It also comes with a rotating digital camera, video recorder, MP3 player, e-Reader, microphone, and built-in apps. The tablet is also designed to work with cartridges that are sold separately. Plus, parents can create an online account and track kids' progress, though the InnoTab 2S has to be connected to the computer via the included USB cable to access that feature. The InnoTab 2S comes with 2GB of memory, but you can add up to 32GB with an SD card, which is sold separately. A headphone jack is included as well as kickstand so you can set up the InnoTab 2S to use as a digital photo frame. The InnoTab 2S is available in blue or pink.

Is It Fun?

As toy tablets go, this is great for using the huge library of age-appropriate content that's been well designed for kids at different ages. We had a little trouble getting the wi-fi to connect. Our best advice is to be sure you're in an area with a strong signal and realize it might take a minute or so to complete the connection process. Overall, we think this is a very good preschool tablet that's been well designed and has a huge library of content. It's great for take-along play, and for the youngest kids, it will certainly make them feel more grown up.

Who It’s For

The InnoTab 2S is for ages 2–9. We think this is going to appeal most to the younger end of that spectrum. Kids will love having their own tablet and it stands up to kids' play. We were impressed by the games, the built-in learning, and kid-friendly features, such as the camera and the e-Reader, especially.

What To Be Aware Of

Four AA batteries are required but not included.

Once kids start playing with adult tablets, they may find the speed of this tablet a little frustrating. Though that's not really a problem for the features like the camera, video recorder, or e-Reader, so this will have longer-term value as a toy even as kids move into more sophisticated electronics. We think they'll return to some of their favorite games and activities again and again, especially when Mom or Dad want their own turn with their tablets.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Learning Value

    4 AA batteries required