Kids Drawing Easel for iPad Review (CTA Digital)

What It Is

The Kids Drawing Easel for iPad brings tablet technology to a traditional easel toy. This 2-in-1 child-sized drawing easel comes with a dry-erase marker board on one side and a special iPad holder on the other side. The tablet holder in the center of the easel secures the iPad so it won't accidentally be dropped or misplaced. Once the iPad is secured inside the holder with the turning lock, the iPad can be rotated 360 degrees for portrait or landscape canvas orientations. Kids can use their fingers or the included drawing stylus to draw on the iPad. It works with all drawing apps, which you'll have to download separately from the Apple App Store. Kids can also use the easel as a stand to watch movies and videos or talk to family members through Skype.

The Kids Drawing Easel for iPad comes with a dry-erase marker with built-in eraser on the cap. The marker, the drawing stylus, and other art supplies can be stored in the included art supply tray, which attaches to either side of the easel. The easel legs can be adjusted to three different height levels: two feet four inches, two feet eight inches, and three feet. The legs can also be removed entirely to use the easel on a tabletop, if desired. The Kids Drawing Easel for iPad also folds up easily for storage. An iPad is sold separately.

Is It Fun?

This is a modern twist on the classic art easel. It engages kids in both classic drawing on the dry-erase side and digital drawing on the iPad side. This versatile easel is large enough to accommodate multiple children, and it's a fun way to encourage kids to get creative.

Who It’s For

The Kids Drawing Easel for iPad is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

It took us 10 minutes to assemble the easel. The instructions were easy to follow.

This is not the way kids typically play with an iPad for a drawing activity, so it may be a little awkward for them trying to change from notebook or pad play to upright drawing. It will depend on the individual kid and family.

The iPad holder is compatible with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation iPad.

When the iPad is in the holder, the home, power, and volume buttons are still accessible, which is very convenient. However, some parents may not want their child to press the home button and access another app or the internet or mommy's important files. So if you're a parent who is concerned about any of that, you'll want to monitor your child's use of the iPad.

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