Mix & Makeup Bubble Bath Gel Review (Alex)

What It Is

The Mix & Makeup Bubble Bath Gel kit lets kids make five containers of colorful bath gels. The kit comes with five cupcake-shaped containers, 5.28-ounces of shower gel base, glitter, six fizzy tints, four mixing cups, a stir stick, a funnel, a pipette, 60 stickers, and instructions. Pour water and one fizzy tint into a small mixing cup. Once the fizzy tint dissolves, pour a drop of that mixture into the larger mixing cup along with enough base gel to reach the 30 cc line on the cup. You can also add glitter if you want. Then add water and stir. Pour into one of the cupcake containers, and use the stickers to decorate the container.

Is It Fun?

This is a fun activity for kids who are interested in do-it-yourself projects and beauty. Kids can make colorful and sparkly bath gel for themselves or as a gift for family and friends. Because this kit comes with five containers, it's a great project for multiple kids to do at a sleepover or birthday party.

Who It’s For

Mix & Makeup Bubble Bath Gel is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

It took us 15 minutes to make one container of bubble bath gel. The picture instructions were okay but sometimes a little unclear. Take your time as you do this activity.

The bubble bath gel may stick to or stain fabric, wood, or carpet.

Avoid contact with eyes.

The bath gel contains fragrances that may cause allergic reactions, so it's recommended that you test the bath gel on a small hidden area of skin first. If irritation occurs, do not use the bath gel.

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