Baby Stella My Big Girl Potty Review (Manhattan Toy)

What It Is

Baby Stella My Big Girl Potty is a 10-page board book that tells the story of how Baby Stella learned to use the big potty. Sometimes Stella has accidents, but she keeps on trying. When she successfully uses the potty, she's so excited. And, of course, she washes her hands after going potty.

Is It Fun?

This book is short and sweet: Baby Stella is getting potty trained, she uses the potty like a big girl, she wears big girl underwear instead of diapers. Hooray! Kids who are already familiar with the Baby Stella toy line from Manhattan Toy will recognize this character and want to follow along on her potty training journey. Even if kids aren't familiar with Baby Stella, this is still a cute way to introduce kids to how exciting using the big potty can be.

Who It’s For

Baby Stella My Big Girl Potty is not age-graded, but obviously, it's targeted to kids who are being potty trained. We think the book is appropriate for ages 1.5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This book does not have any author or illustrator credits.

The book is also available as part of the Baby Stella Potty Training Gift Set, which includes a soft Baby Stella black-haired doll, a Playtime Potty for the doll, and the book. It retails for $65.

There is also an entire Baby Stella toy line from Manhattan Toy, including soft baby dolls and accessories.

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  • Baby Stella My Big Girl Potty published by Manhattan Toy
  • We recommend this book for kids ages 1.5 and up