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Man of Steel Quick Shots Battle for Metropolis Review (Mattel)

What It Is

The Man of Steel Quick Shots Battle for Metropolis, based on the movie Man of Steel, is a target game in which kids try to get Superman to defeat General Zod. The set comes with General Zod's vehicle, a Superman Quick Shots figure (which we really like), and a plastic General Zod figure. The Superman figure works kind of like a slingshot. Put the holes in Superman's hands over your fingers, then pull back and let go to watch Superman fly. The way the target play works is you place General Zod into the red capsule in the center of the vehicle. Push the figure all the way down until it locks into place. Reach underneath the capsule and wind up the mechanism until it clicks. Your first target is the Superman logo at the base of the unit. Hit it and the capsule pops open and Zod's henchmen spin around. Your next job is to shoot Superman at the General Zod logo. Hit it and General Zod flies out, and you'll see the Superman logo appear. Then fold up the unit and start again.

Is It Fun?

Though the age grading on this is 4 and up, younger kids are definitely going to need some help setting this up, at least the first few times until they get the hang of it. For instance, in order to get the capsule to close up, it takes two hands and a little bit of dexterity that may be beyond your typical 4-5-year-old. If kids miss when they shoot at the target, they're going to be running around to pick up Superman. While we like to keep kids active, this could get a little frustrating for kids as they run around. There's also a fairly steep learning curve on this as kids learn to target it, but it may be engaging once they get the hang of it. Kids with smaller fingers and hands are going to find it easier to launch the Superman figure than grown-ups, but the holes do stretch a bit, and you get the hang of it over time.

Who It’s For

The Man of Steel Quick Shots Battle for Metropolis is for Superman fans 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This took us five minutes to assemble. The assembly instructions were pretty clear. Note that we said "assembly instructions". The directions for how to play, however, are confusing.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    Medium Difficulty